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Dive Into the New Age of Accelerated HSI Analytics

We use AI based Analytics to Empower Critical Industries


Get all the selected biophysical parameters as a heat map overlaid on your land parcel with Openspectrum AI.


  • Monitor and predict crop yield, potential diseases and health. 

  • Improve yield by predicting potential hazards and identifying nutrient deficiencies in your soil. 


Openspectrum AI helps in efficient planning  and execution of military operations.


  • Boost border security with effective identification of illegal breaches

  • Detection of landmines, IEDs, underwater submarines and ground weapons

  • Precise heatmaps assist in making search and rescue quicker

Mining, Oil and Energy

Precise heatmaps help in quick identification of mining opportunities. 

  • Carbon sequestration

  • Lithological analysis of the surface

  • Rock ore classification and detection

  • Hydrologic flow analysis

Easy Integration With Major HSI Applicatopns

Openspectrum AI application can be easily integrated with traditional HSI analysis softwares like ENVI, ERDAS, ARCGIS and more. 

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