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What if we could see beyond what our eyes show us?

Hyperspectral Image Analysis Made Easy.

Mapping the Planet's Composition with Advanced Satellite Imagery

What is Hyperspectral Imaging?

The human eye sees a small portion of the electromagnetic spectrum, which makes up all the colour in objects we see everyday. 

But this spectrum contains many more frequencies and wavelengths which have various uses. Today, we bring an application on tapping into these wavelengths.

Hyperspectral images contain several hundred channels. These channels contain information about the concentration of different minerals, moisture and salinity. These informative images are collected by very accurate and sophisticated sensors mounted on either drones or satellites. There are many satellites out there that have this sensor, but still it’s information is not accessible to the common man. 

Detailed insights from Hyperspectral Images can be of use in various critical applications in Precision agriculture, Oil and minerals, archaeology, Insurance, Defence and Construction.

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